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 WWE reportedly puts in a bid to buy TNA

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Hesth Slater's Kid

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PostSubject: WWE reportedly puts in a bid to buy TNA   Mon Sep 19, 2016 11:57 am

Quote :
Billy Corganís attempt to buy TNA Wrestling. Corgan, who was interviewed for the story, became TNA President in August and is still in the process of working something out to buy the company. He has said publicly that itís a complicated process and itís possible that he doesnít end up with the company. The story notes that Corgan, Dixie Carter, Aroluxe Marketing and The Fight Network all have equity stakes in the company. The money put into the company this year has helped fund their TV tapings

Weíve written about Sinclair Broadcasting Group (ROHís parent company) being in the picture as a potential buyer and we didnít know that they were still involved but the New York Post says that they have made a recent bid.

WWE has put in a recent bid. I donít think thatís been reported elsewhere but if WWE is attempting to buy TNA then I highly doubt that they would spend more than the $2.5 million that they spent to buy WCW. The Post estimates TNAís market value at $40 million. That is a very bad estimate and TNA is likely worth far less than that. If WWE does buy them then they would likely shut the company down and retain the tape library for the WWE Network.
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Heath Slater's Kid
Heath Slater's Kid

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PostSubject: Re: WWE reportedly puts in a bid to buy TNA   Mon Sep 19, 2016 1:19 pm

They probably just want AJ's library of matches, buy a full company to make a DVD lol
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WWE reportedly puts in a bid to buy TNA
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