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 Raw vs Smackdown

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Sexton Hardcastle
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PostSubject: Raw vs Smackdown   Wed Jul 27, 2016 11:04 pm

What are everyones First impressions?

Raw good, Smackdown not so good...

Finn Balor and Corey Graves debut


The debut of a new camera angle on SD. Missing action, making wrestling seem slow and low impact and clearly showing stuff you're not supposed to see like Cena hiding lol. Apart from the years of work at perfecting working to the set camera locations, it seems stupid to fix an element that wasn't broken. Camera wise, less cuts is probably a good thing in the long run, but work with what you've already got.

Raw had something about it though, a real anything can happen vibe,
Video packages have returned to both shows, and watching Raw the structure seemed very attitude era, but with more focus on matches at the same time. The return of the local jobber vs monster heel is a nice touch so the proper matches that matter seem even more important, and the traditional snack/toilet break match is now going to be Brawn Strowmans job as the shitty diva types are on SD ready to drive Becky loopy, until she's traded for Cesaro...

a bit of a downer having seen SD and how much of a B show that was. It really fucking sucked. So, with Otunga the ignorable and his one line all show "we're the A show" still ringing in my ears I say it was overall a pretty good week for WWE, if the week ended Monday night

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PostSubject: Re: Raw vs Smackdown   Thu Jul 28, 2016 8:55 am

i think raw had the better matches but i think the commentary team on SD are a lot better not saying i didnt like the Raw trio but the smackdown trio deliver a more intelligently entertaining broadcast. who actually talk about wrestling.

Balors clean win seemed to be down for a purpose seems romans still being punished for failing the Wellness Program.

also think smackdowns mic work was alot better than Raws, the final point i have is SD is shorter and makes it less painful to watch all the of the action and matches felt meaningful and the show was absent of the fillers that normally cause me to lose attention while watching Raw.


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Raw vs Smackdown
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