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 Does WWE Bringing Back Old Faces Show That They Arenít Prepared For A New Era?

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PostSubject: Does WWE Bringing Back Old Faces Show That They Arenít Prepared For A New Era?   Tue Jun 28, 2016 12:12 pm

WWE have been pushing a Ďnew eraí for the past few months with them attempting to bring in more new faces and new blood as a way to shake up the roster.

Since Shane McMahon was allowed to take over Raw the night after WrestleMania he has promoted many of the NXT roster and integrated them well into the Main Roster of WWE, but even though WWE have been pushing forward many new stars, they have recently proven that they will always convert back on old faces.

WWEís brand split is now merely weeks away and there have already been many names leaked to suggest that WWE are thinking of bring back many familiar faces. Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Goldberg and Rey Mysterio are just a few names that have been speculated recently.

If WWE are so invested in their new era, then why do they need to bring back new faces? Various reports suggest that WWE are aware that they currently donít have the star power on their roster that can sell out two brands.

They currently have many stars who are in a transitional period of their career, but they donít have any where near enough to be able to put on two live shows a week with two different rosters as well as the amount of house shows that follow.

This means that no matter how invested WWE currently are in their self made talent, they know that alone they are not enough. WWE knows that they need these former stars to come back and help them to build these newcomers into stars who will some day be as big as Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, John Cena, AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose.

A few years ago it was The Shield that were on the lower card of WrestleMania and now the three former members are the biggest stars on the roster with many of the current story lines revolving around them. WWE know they need to do this with stars like Enzo and Cass, Tyler Breeze, Apollo Crews and many others who have just made the transition up to the main roster.

Despite this knowledge WWE must be aware that even if they counted the superstars who are still in NXT, they donít have enough stars to cover two rosters and would easily have seen this when the roster was threadbare earlier this year due to injuries.

If injuries hit WWE in the same way when they are a split roster then they wouldnít be able to recover as well as they did back in January. This is why they are in desperate need of new faces, faces they know are already established so that they donít have to invest more time into them.

Kurt Angle has already stated that he wonít actually be returning, Rey Mysterio fought for months so that WWE would release him the first time so it is unlikely that he will come back that easily whilst Jeff Hardy is still performing for TNA. Although Goldberg has just been unveiled as a superstar on WWEís latest video game and every star that has been added to these games in previous years has made a WWE appearance.

The Rock and Sting in recent years, so Goldberg could easily be added to WWE draft on July 19th but the other three stars do currently look like long shots. There could be many new faces add to the roster that havenít been leaked though, WWE do have a reputation for creating some shock returns when they need to.

WWE must have some kind of plan otherwise the announcement of the Brand Split would never have happened. The company would know that they need to flesh out their roster a lot more than they have already and as its already been speculated, they have already began looking for more stars.


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Most decorated Champion in history

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PostSubject: Re: Does WWE Bringing Back Old Faces Show That They Arenít Prepared For A New Era?   Wed Jun 29, 2016 8:59 am

My shout is that for the brand split, guys like Carlito, MVP, Shelton - all the career mid-carders - will be back. Names like Jeff, Angle, Goldberg and co deserve a much bigger return than just being another body in the Draft. I'd even keep Nakamura and Balor right out of it, their main roster debuts should be a big deal, just two more guys being drafted alongside Austin Aries.

Goldberg won't wrestle, but will be going into the HoF next year.

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Heath Slater's Kid
Heath Slater's Kid

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PostSubject: Re: Does WWE Bringing Back Old Faces Show That They Arenít Prepared For A New Era?   Wed Jun 29, 2016 6:08 pm

I think a lot of NXT Stars will be called up for the draft as HHH has said he has 60/70 people at the performance centre ready for TVs.
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PostSubject: Re: Does WWE Bringing Back Old Faces Show That They Arenít Prepared For A New Era?   

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Does WWE Bringing Back Old Faces Show That They Arenít Prepared For A New Era?
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